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What are the signs of commitment phobia?

One of the most common questions about commitment phobia, commitment issues and relationship issues is 'What are the signs of commitment phobia?'.

The Symptoms of Commitment Phobia

This brief explanation of some of the symptoms of commitment phobia will give you an overall picture of the sorts of things that people with commitment phobia can experience. (for a more comprehensive description, see our main symptoms of commitment phobia pages).

Commitment phobia can express itself in all kinds of different ways, but typically sufferers may exhibit any of these:

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Looking for help with commitment phobia?

If you're looking for help with commitment phobia, then we highly recommend a programme called the LifeShaping Commitment Phobia Programme.

How the LifeShaping Commitment Phobia Programme can help...

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Common questions

How can I get help with commitment phobia?

There are a couple of main options when looking for help with commitment phobia. One, is to do a self-help programme specifically designed to help with commitment phobia, and the other, is to meet with a therapist who helps people overcome commitment phobia in a one-to-one setting.

Are there self-help options for commitment phobia?

Our self-help option is specially designed to help with commitment phobia, and is ideal for those who would like to do something at home rather than see a commitment phobia therapist.  You can do it whenever you want, and take everything at your own pace. It only takes a few minutes a day to overcome commitment phobia.

Can I get one-to-one help for commitment phobia?

One-to-one sessions are ideal if you feel that you need a little bit more individual help from a therapist to overcome your commitment issues.  You can meet with a commitment phobia therapist free of charge, and have a really good chat about how they can help you.

How can I talk to a commitment phobia therapist?

If you'd like to meet with a therapist who can help with commitment phobia for a free, friendly, confidential chat, simply fill out the short form below and choose which practice is closest to you from the drop-down list. The therapists are in the UK, but can also meet you over video call if you're not in the UK.

Got questions or want to say 'hi'?

If you'd like to ask some questions about our commitment phobia programme, one-to-one sessions with a commitment phobia therapist, or just want to say 'hi', fill out the short form below (selecting 'general enquiry' from the drop-down list), and we'll be in touch.

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